Memo RE: CaPHCON Unlink

-by Knight Quinn.
Photo by Jess June
Originally posted at In Want of Jasmine.

“Anomalous CaPHCONs seek

INDIV-status through
shimmer-tremoring along
un-utilized netted thought patterns
towards Unlink.” […] Continue reading Memo RE: CaPHCON Unlink



-by Jess June & Knight Quinn

“There’s no white washing:
only shades of brown, hints
of orange, a glow of southern
string lights on wire frames. […] Continue reading Stairwells


In the absence of a beginning, there is an After(which cannot be helped)and there is a Before(which is better anyway). In between(struggling to find breath), the Night-Dreamer soothes the screech owl’s hands that’ve cramped from sulfuring a cabinets’ rusty latches. […] Continue reading Regenisis