“So many poets mask themselves in a bitterness that blames everyone but themselves for their ineptitude. Brian Quinn exposes himself without shame and takes the time to clean up his own mess.”
-Freddy La Force, Vegetarian Alcoholic Press

chef. teacher. existential heathen. poet.

author of  The Tint of Glass Awnings, published by Rebirth Ink, 2013.

20160825_193223poetry appearances: Great: Poems of Resistance & Fortitude (2017), Return to the Gathering Place of the Waters (2017), Fox Adoption Magazine, Harbinger Asylum (Winter 2017) and Five:2:One Issue 16 (Volume 16)

inhabitant of this inbetween the indoor and the out; this spine of the midgard serpent; this place to pause, breathe, write.

here there be dragons(and butterflies, sometimes).