A Drier World

A Drier World
-by Knight Quinn


is a new word
I found. I
like this word.

is a drier word.
A desert word.
A deserted word

that leaves behind
glossy pamphlets
promoting a motel’s
swimming pool

and your father’s
umbrella, unused and
leaning in the
dark corner by the back door.

You would like to
find a drier

where all umbrellas are left leaning
and pamphlets are the primary form of literature.

Either will do.
We’re too wet, you say.
We sweat
just getting up
off the couch, leaving
stains on the leather.

Aren’t we
wet enough with
humidity and
rain forests
and condensation
and ocean

No. I am not wet



Published in
Return to the Gathering Place of the Waters
by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2017


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