-by Brian Quinn
Art: “Breaking Through” by Carne Griffiths


Dragging hand-me-down virtues
through tunnels of
barbed wire, wrapping
ethic(and morality, some
times)inside oily rags
on the verge of igniting themselves.

we fight and
we spit
and we wild an-
d we spark,
fearful of being over-
heard by glass-walled neighbors:

our louder, American pastime
of digging in our back yards
at midnight for only the latest
psychologies, hoping they won’t
calls the cops. no. we need
something aching, ancient.

pine and hemlock come to mind. and rites
that demand more blood and dance.

to fight and
to spit
and to wild an-
d to spark
is to dig in the back yards of
our ids and our egos regardless of .
philosophy’s agency.

there is no more time to
kneel before, only to rail
against, to lean and press
against, to fight-spit-wild-spark

to share the splinters
from this, our baptism.


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