Black Cat Alley

Black Cat Alley
20160918_110946 (entering Milwaukee’s Black Cat Alley)
-by Brian Quinn
Published in Return to the Gathering Place of the Waters
by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2017

20160918_111617running through
(the secret
alley)ways that
stray un-
seen throughround
this city(bleached20160918_111035
white by the sun’s relent-
less passing)that veil be-hind
marble restroom
under mosaic foyers or

coffee mugs(you
can see them if you
look just so, just right,20160918_111105
under old and yellowed light,
under more honest light),

you carry words
that you desperately
need to deliver, words

20160918_110904that breed in
the creases of your brain(growing
suddenly immense and
populous)until the
megrim pressure
nudges the wish that you
would scream louder(if only
someone could hear you),

these walls drenched
in echoing mural.



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