Crane Wife

Crane Wife
-by Brian Quinn


blood_stained_crane_by_sakuyablooms-d3cr3xt(Wind ripped from
her wings)Crashing
into a garden;
into the garden.

(as in:
“I’m headed out to
the garden,”
he might say to an empty and frameless hall.)

What pictures there
lossy magazines,are, found in g thumb-tacked to the
plaster, careful of the corners.
Also: a postcard of the eiffel tower
sent to
have mail when he returned home
his address, the only thing

He heard a crash,
(disbelieved it)but
waited a day
before investigating.

Among the cabbages and
Japanese eggplant,
a crane(blue, stark,
unable to cast a shadow)lay.
There among the
cabbages and Japanese eggplant.

Allowing herself:
to be taken in,
to be carried
by hands(that were not the Wind’s)
across a threshold(that was not the Wind’s),
to(within walls and
ceilings)heal, to

leave Wind unable to forgive
unmoving stone.

Image by SakuyaBlooms



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