“Poem Addressing Why I Choose to Write Poems When I Know It Is a Highly Unlikely Way to Receive the Approval I Crave” – by Peter Davis

I am currently not writing. Anything. Not a single word (I am really, really busy. I am also depressed. I think.) My need for approval, though, is stronger than ever (which may tie in to the depression thing), so I am posting this really fantastic poem by a fantastic poet who consistently writes really fantastic poetry, hoping you will make the connection between me recognizing fantastic poetry and me actually writing fantastic poetry. Which I do. Or have. And hopefully will. Soon. Either way, read this so I can feel good about myself for posting something. Thank you.

My need for approval is such that even normal approval is not good enough. I only feel good about approval if I have earned it in the hardest way I can imagine. If you, by some amazing stroke of luck, find this poem and it impresses you so much that you feel very positive about me, and if you communicate that positive feeling to me, I will feel very good for a very short period of time (especially if you are well-respected and/or semi-famous). I wait for this rare and fleeting event because I can’t think of anything else worth waiting for. It’s sad.


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