Fete Francais!

I love teaching. Never am I more wholly myself than when engaging with my students, demonstrating some culinary technique. In my kitchen classroom, I work to create a space where deep magick can occur and students can learn and practice arcane recipes.

This summer, I am teaching Classic and Contemporary French Cuisine. The culmination of the course is a Fete Francais, or, French Celebration. All semester long, my students have been delving into French cuisine and culture, the flavors, styles, methods and presentations. They have also been working on their own menus.

Traditionally, a full French menu consists of seventeen courses! (see them here)

For our paired down menu(seventeen courses is…a lot), each student created a six-course menu consisting of:

Hors d’Ouevre
Farineaux(Starch Course)
Revele et Legume(Meat & Vegetable)
Entremet de Sucre(Dessert)

This menu will be served on in Mid-August at Bistro 712 (Sorry, we are already booked full!) at the Lakeshore Culinary Institute of Lakeshore Technical College.

Here are just samples of the magic my students created:

Escallop de Porc a la Normandie

Gnocchi Parisienne

Steak au Poivre

Another Steak au Poivre

Profiteroles aux Champignon

Ciboule Dutchesse 

Rillettes de Porc
Hogworts, eat your heart out. We have pure alchemy going on here!



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